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The Shandon Team embraces:
  • Full participation
    all focus their efforts, but more importantly, all participate in the decision making process and accept accountability.
  • Trust
    all trust that each member will add value and express appreciation for individual contributions.
  • Open & effective communication
    all contribute ideas, provide constructive feedback, clarify, inform and actively listen.
  • Clear and interchangeable roles
    all are encouraged to take on different roles at different times, thereby expanding their understanding and fostering agility.
  • Process over form
    How things are done, is just as important, if not more important, than what is done.

Do these values resonate with your own?
Are you looking for the opportunity to expand your career prospects?

Shandon is regularly seeking individuals with competencies in software development, business analytics, project management and system testing.
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Software Development, Business Analytics, System Testing
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